[gnso-rpm-wg] RPMs Data Request Table & RFP Update

Ariel Liang ariel.liang at icann.org
Wed Jan 24 22:15:47 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

Staff preparation for the RFP is close to completion, and ICANN is in position to launch the RFP next week, ahead of the original schedule.

To provide vendors with better understanding of the project scope and survey task, as well as to ensure that community-developed guidance is incorporated into the RFP process, the Data Sub Team has agreed to the inclusion of the Data Request Table in the RFP document. Please see attached.

Since the document is currently in draft form and still under discussion within the Sub Team, please be assured that there is clarifying note in the RFP document describing the draft status of the Data Request Table. As per direction from the Data Sub Team, staff has generated this clean version that incorporates edits, comments, and instructions provided by the Sub Team.

To be accessible to all interested vendors, and for purposes of transparency, the attached Data Request Table will be published on icann.org along with other RFP public documents.

The launch of the RFP will not affect the Data Sub Team’s ability to continue working toward the completion of the Data Request Table. There will be a period where ICANN staff answer questions from responding vendors and provide additional information and resources. The final agreed Data Request Table can therefore be included at this stage of the RFP, superseding the earlier draft, and being referenced by respondents in their final RFP responses. We will advise the Data Sub Team of the final internal deadline to finalize the Data Request Table (this is typically about one week before ICANN finalizes responses to send to RFP participants).

We greatly appreciate the time and contributions from the Data Sub Team members and the PDP WG Co-Chairs in the development of the document. The inclusion of the document would be very helpful to get suitable vendors and targeted proposal, while meeting the goal of launching the RFP as soon as possible. We will keep the WG apprised of the status of the RFP process.

Best Regards,
Mary, Julie, Berry, and Ariel

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