[Gnso-ssc] Recordings, attendance & AC Chat from GNSO Standing Selection Committee call on Thursday, 25 January 2018

Michelle DeSmyter michelle.desmyter at icann.org
Thu Jan 25 16:24:45 UTC 2018

Dear all,

Please find below the mp3, attendance, Adobe Connect recording and chatfor the GNSO Standing Selection Committee held on 25 January 2018 at 14:30 UTC.

Mp3:   https://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-ssc-25jan18-en.mp3

AC recording:  https://participate.icann.org/p1zyhni16x7/

The recordings and transcriptions of the calls are posted on the GNSO Master Calendar page: http://gnso.icann.org/en/group-activities/calendar

Mailing list archives:  http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/gnso-ssc/

Agenda Wiki page:  https://community.icann.org/x/Uge8B


Maxim Alzoba

Renata Aquino Ribeiro

Poncelet Illelji

Susan Kawaguchi

Osvaldo Novoa

Rafik Dammak


Frederic Guilemaut

Erika Mann

Lori Schulman

ICANN staff:

Marika Konings

Emily Barabas

Terri Agnew

Michelle DeSmyter

** Please let me know if your name has been left off the list **

Thank you.

Kind regards,



Adobe Connect chat transcript for 25 January 2018

Terri Agnew:Welcome to the GNSO Standing Selection Committee meeting onThursday, 25 January 2018 at 14:30 UTC for 60 minutes.
  Terri Agnew:agenda wiki page: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_Uge8B&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=8_WhWIPqsLT6TmF1Zmyci866vcPSFO4VShFqESGe_5iHWGlBLwwwehFBfjrsjWv9&m=ZqU-yyIQeixkQIVTu6BR7w8etNXDvaW6njVYLpuEmbo&s=RKKdaw3ge181gdK7D-b-PriZOcS_JgPVRCE6htAKEks&e=
  Osvaldo Novoa:Hello,
  Osvaldo Novoa:I don't have the option to connect my audio, it offers only the possibility to dial in.
  Osvaldo Novoa:I will disconnect and try again.
  Terri Agnew:Hello, mics are now active. This meeting will begin in 27 minutes
  Osvaldo Novoa:Ok, I'm back again.  Hello Terri and Rafik
  rafik:nobody speaking?
  Terri Agnew:This meeting begins in 24 minutes
  Osvaldo Novoa:Oh, I didn't register the time change.
  rafik:invite says 23:00 for me
  Susan Kawaguchi:Good morning/evening
  Poncelet Ileleji:Good Afternoon
  Osvaldo Novoa:Hello
  Maxim Alzoba:Hello All
  Osvaldo Novoa:Is everybody silent? I hear nothing.
  Terri Agnew:Hi Osvaldo, we have begun
  Maxim Alzoba:I hear Susan
  Maxim Alzoba:via adobe
  Emily Barabas:yes
  Terri Agnew:Please log out and back in to see if that helps, as always we can dial out on the telephone
  Osvaldo Novoa:Ok, I will disconnect and connect again, I seem to be having problems with my audio.
  Terri Agnew:Check your plug ins: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__tinyurl.com_icannactest&d=DwIFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=8_WhWIPqsLT6TmF1Zmyci866vcPSFO4VShFqESGe_5iHWGlBLwwwehFBfjrsjWv9&m=ZqU-yyIQeixkQIVTu6BR7w8etNXDvaW6njVYLpuEmbo&s=tbHHg6CcNrPkPUysTrydK1kRKhPOb935qsp3cUCc1kE&e=
  Emily Barabas:We are on slide 5
  Terri Agnew:any better Osvaldo?
  Osvaldo Novoa:No, I will phone in.
  Poncelet Ileleji:Yes I have done
  Poncelet Ileleji:I think the review on the Skills Matrix suits all criteria we shall wish to look into it
  Maxim Alzoba:I will need formal guidance from RySG
  Terri Agnew:Welcome Renata Aquino Ribeiro
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:Hello all, thank you Terri
  Osvaldo Novoa:I on the phone now
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:(just connected my mic)
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:oops screen disappeared?
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:back now
  Terri Agnew:I will be dropping off and leaving the call to Emily and Michelle
  Emily Barabas:Thanks Terri
  Michelle DeSmyter:Thank you Terri!
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:we have to choose 1 of the 2 right? between rao naveed and scott mcormick?
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:ok
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:+1 Susan
  Maxim Alzoba:so we have a draft poll questions as usual
  Maxim Alzoba:and then when all members agree - we make the actual poll
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I also think a poll could be a good idea
  Poncelet Ileleji:supported +1 on poll
  Maxim Alzoba:we can use the fields from the call for volunteers and might add additional fileds from the matrix (this one)
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:can't we have both? the matrix and the poll only for choice?
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:so a matrix and each SSC member gives a short assessment of each candidate (like a 1 paragraph for each)
  Maxim Alzoba:and please add Other text field so members would be able to express additional thoughts
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:sounds good
  Poncelet Ileleji:supported too
  Emily Barabas:sure
  Maxim Alzoba:good idea to have a draft poll
  Emily Barabas:Yes, we will do that
  Maxim Alzoba:This week has overlap with NamesCon - lots of SG members are partially available
  Maxim Alzoba:vegas party?
  Emily Barabas:Got it, thanks
  Emily Barabas:perfect
  Emily Barabas:I don't believe so
  Maxim Alzoba:I think we need feedback from other members too
  Maxim Alzoba:I have a comment about page5 - the described situation is related to the case where there is no consensus and SSC needs to report the issue to the GNSO Councel with prepared reasoning and options
  Maxim Alzoba:it was about minority views
  Emily Barabas:thanks for the clarifcation, Maxim. That is clear.
  Maxim Alzoba:Also we will need opinion of Erica and Freéderic
  Emily Barabas:We can also recirculate after the call
  Emily Barabas:Transparency on page 4
  Maxim Alzoba:yes, for example case where SSC recommended 4 seats instead of 3 - and it was for GNSO Council to approve /deny
  rafik:sorry I need to leave the call earlier. bye all
  Emily Barabas:Noting the time, perhaps we should continue the discussion on the mailing list?
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I think this sounds incredibly complicated and prone to errors
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:+1 Emily
  rafik:sorry I have to leave the call earlier. bye all
  Maxim Alzoba:I think this mecanics needs to be designed, checked for applicability to the current IT systems and then checked with SSC and GNSO Councel
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:bye rafik tks
  Emily Barabas:Perhaps making more clear on the SSC wiki the role of the SSC would also help?
  Emily Barabas:So that people reviewing the materials understand the context?
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I'm much more in favor of making this list only private
  Maxim Alzoba:@Renata, I am not sure we can do it
  Maxim Alzoba:having a separate ssc-voting@ list , which is published with a delay might be better idea
  Emily Barabas:emails could also be sent directly to individuals in the group
  Emily Barabas:For polling
  Emily Barabas:These emails would not be archived
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:but then we need the record emily
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:yes
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:well that can be optional
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:I think halfway solutions are awkward. Either we have full transparency or not.
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:and prone to errors, non-records
  Maxim Alzoba:if we do not find the way to properly design delayed output model, we might continue the usual way of SSC
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:i think the delay is just for the announcement
  Maxim Alzoba:after all it works more or less Ok
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:(which is only real anyway once GNSO right?)
  Emily Barabas:Perhaps the group can start with timely notifications and then if it encounters issues, look into further measures?
  Maxim Alzoba:when we release the same info to all participants, it is both transparent and clear... we might need a proper disclaimer section of such messages
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:2nd week of feb would be best
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:(after intersessional)
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:thanks for the call
  Renata Aquino Ribeiro:bye
  Maxim Alzoba:bye all, see you in FEb 2018 :)
  Osvaldo Novoa:Thank you, Bye
  Poncelet Ileleji:bye

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