[Gnso-ssc] Alternate for ATRT3 Selection

Erica Varlese erica at my.blog
Tue Oct 23 12:49:35 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I'll be replacing Maxim Alzoba as the RySG representative after Barcelona
when he takes his seat as a GNSO Councilor. I'm very much looking forward
to working with you all.

As per the Charter, I wanted to reach out to the group regarding the
upcoming ATRT3 review process. As I'm one of the candidates, I will need to
abstain from the process to avoid a conflict of interest.

Fortunately, Maxim has offered to replace me during this process and I
would like to suggest him as my alternate for the ATRT3 selection. We are
in the process of asking the RySG Executive Committee for a letter to
confirm their support of Maxim.

If there's anything I'm missing or anything additional we need to finalize
Maxim as my alternate, please do let me know.

Much appreciated,

Erica Varlese | .blog Shepherd @ KKWT
Email: erica at my.blog
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