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Naela Sarras naela.sarras at iana.org
Fri Nov 16 19:37:10 UTC 2018

Hi Brett,


Thank you for your email.


Regarding your questions below about the delegation/transfer process for ccTLDs as opposed to gTLDs:

The answer is no. The same challenge does not exist on the gTLD side. The difference between processing a request for the delegation or transfer of a gTLD vs a ccTLD is in the request review and validation process. On the gTLD side, the request is submitted to IANA for delegation by the requester after it has completed the validation reviews and contracting with ICANN. As such, IANA’s process is to confirm all the validations are completed and from there the delegation or transfer process is fairly simple. 
On the other hand, requests for ccTLD delegation or transfer are processed by IANA staff from beginning to end. 
Depending on the quality of the documents when the request is submitted, this process could take several months of back and forth. Right now the metric is 60 days for staff review, regardless of where that time is spent in the process (reviewing documentation, writing a report plus routine processing steps.) I think you bring up a good point to count staff review time for ccTLD delegation/transfer once a minimum set of requirements has been met. We should have this discussion when we discuss the new threshold for ccTLD delegation/transfer request as this is one of the metrics currently under review by the CSC and subject to change once the SLA change mechanism is implemented.
To help with the challenges above, we are looking at ways in which we can better communicate the documentation requirements for the ccTLD delegation or transfer process. This includes translation of key documents and creating a workflow form or interface to collect the information from the user. 

Best regards,




On 11/15/18, 4:55 AM, "Brett Carr" <brett.carr at nominet.uk> wrote:


Thanks Naela as a new member this was really useful as background.


I support the direction that has been taken so far.


With regards to the metric around ccTLD creation/redelegation, you mention that the quality of the submitted documentation is variable and this affects the ability to stay within the SLA. This made me think of two questions/comments:


1.      Does the same problem exist on GTLDs if not why not, can we use experiences in that arena to try and solve this problem. I realise of course there are many more GTLD Changes than ccTLD.

2.      Can we define/set a minimum level of quality of submitted documentation and only start the time for this metric when that has been met.






Brett Carr
Manager DNS and Network Engineering
Nominet UK




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Dear Colleagues,


Please find attached some background information we put together with regards to the proposed SLA changes. As promised during the last CSC meeting, this is mainly for the benefit of the new CSC members. 


Hope this is helpful.


Best regards,




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Dear CSC,


Please find the agenda for the November CSC meeting in the Wiki space below and attached.


The next call will be held next Friday, 16 November, at 19:00-21:00 UTC.


The Wiki agenda page can be found here: https://community.icann.org/x/_QXVBQ


Have a great weekend,




Ria Otanes

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