[IDN-WG] At-Large Community Views Requested on Draft Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs

Rinalia Abdul Rahim rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 06:32:05 UTC 2013

Hello, everyone.

I have not received feedback regarding the 9-page draft final report from
the JIG.  My personal opinion is that recommendations of the report do
require At-Large support, particularly if IDN TLD adoption is considered to
be important for Internet users.  I propose the following simple response -
your comments are most welcome:

*ALAC Statement on the Draft Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN

The ALAC is of the view that the implementation of policies that support
the Universal Acceptance of IDNs is crucial for the success and uptake of
IDN gTLDs and IDN ccTLDs.  We therefore support the recommendations of the
JIG in its Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs.  We urge ICANN
to leverage its influence and resources to promote and support the
universal acceptance of IDN TLDs broadly as described in the report towards
ensuring user access and utilization of IDN TLDs as well as a consistent,
predictable and secure user experience.
---- end

Comments welcome on the wiki here:



On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 9:11 AM, Rinalia Abdul Rahim <
rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Members of the At-Large Community and IDN Working Group,
> Your views are kindly requested on the JIG Draft Final Report on Universal
> Acceptance of IDN TLDs.  Specifically,
> 1. Should the general recommendations of the report be supported?
> 2. Are there specific issues of concern within the report that should be
> raised?
> If you have views, please share them via the At-Large Policy Development
> workspace by 7 July 2013.
> At-Large Policy Development workspace link:
> https://community.icann.org/display/alacpolicydev/At-Large+Draft+Final+Report+on+Universal+Acceptance+of+IDN+TLDs+Workspace
> *
> Informational Resurces*
> Full Report Link:
> http://ccnso.icann.org/workinggroups/idn-tld-acceptance-final-25jun13-en.pdf[PDF, 135 KB]
> [Extract on General Recommendations]
>    1. IDN TLD operators (including IDN ccTLD, IDN gTLD and IDN gTLDAccredited Registrars) are recommended to support Universal Acceptance of
>    IDN TLDs in their own systems. Part of this recommendation is that
>    ICANN's IDN Guidelines be updated to include provisions for IDN TLDregistries and registrars to support the Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs
>    within their own systems (i.e. for registration systems and services to
>    accept name server records, child hosts, contact information with IDN TLDs)
>    2. ICANN should allocate specific resources for the advocacy of
>    Universal Acceptance beyond the development of informational materials and
>    toolkits.
>    3. ICANN should develop of informative reference materials for new IDN
>    TLDs (including gTLD and ccTLD) to handle issues of Universal
>    Acceptance
>    4. ICANN initiates efforts, lead by staff, with participation from the
>    community, for further studies to investigate the scope of the issue and
>    what other services or actions could be taken by ICANN to support the
>    Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs beyond outreach and awareness campaigns
> Best regards,
> Rinalia
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> Draft Final Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs
> 25 June 2013
> Forum Announcement:     Comment Period Opens on Date:   25 June 2013
> Categories/Tags:
>  *   Top-Level Domains
>  *   Policy Processes
>  *   Transparency/Accountability
> Purpose (Brief):        The joint ccNSO-GNSO IDN working Group (JIG) seeks
> input from the community on its draft Final Report on Universal Acceptance
> of IDN TLDs. The draft includes recommendations to the ccNSO and GNSO
> Councils for further action to resolve policy and other relating to the
> universal acceptance of IDN TLDs The Working expects to finalize and
> publish its Final Report, and submit their report, after taking into
> account the comments received.
> Public Comment Box Link:
> http://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/idn-tld-acceptance-final-25jun13-en.htm
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