[Internal-cg] Mailing list behaviour

Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Mon Aug 4 07:59:40 UTC 2014

I also fully agree with Patrik and believe Mohamed has also made a similar comment earlier ..
Kind regards

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On Aug 2, 2014, at 09:30 AM, Patrik Fältström <paf at frobbit.se> wrote:
> Although we are an open process, I would like to discourage cc:ing *this* list on other mailing lists, for example the ones where communities do discuss their respective proposals that ultimately might end up on our table. Those proposals should later be submitted to us via some contact mechanism that is to be defined. This so that we can clearly know and understand what feedback we really have got, that can be included in the various summaries we create, and conclusions we draw from the coordination.

You are absolutely right and I second this.

- a.

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