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WUKnoben wolf-ulrich.knoben at t-online.de
Thu Aug 7 10:00:31 UTC 2014

Dear Jean-Jacques and colleagues,

I must say I'm surprised by this ALAC proposal because it seems to me not 
consistent with what we have heard so far from ALAC and have found most 
agreement to after vivid discussion on the list - namely the 3 (co-)chair 
I'm asking myself why this shouldn't lead other member groups thinking about 
earlier models already discussed or new ones.

In addition the process may have to be detailed with respect to the voting 

>From my point of view I can say that the 3 chair model (as well as 1 or 2) 
is backed by the CSG I'm representing. Re the ALAC proposal I'd like to 
refer back to them. As a constituency call has been already scheduled for 
Monday 11 Aug I could only come back after this call. I'd like the ICG 
taking this into consideration when scheduling the process.

In between I understand the call for (co-,vice-) chair positions is already 
open independent from the number of positions. In this regard I welcom 
Mohamed's nomination. Maybe Alissa could update us on the candidacies so 
fare received.

Best regards


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From: Subrenat, Jean-Jacques
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2014 10:01 AM
Subject: Re: [Internal-cg] Chair structure.

Dear Colleagues,

as announced yesterday, I am now forwarding a proposal that the ALAC has 
developed for the Chair structure of our group.

As you remember, in London the ALAC representatives were among the first to 
support the enlargement of the GAC contingent from 2 to 5, while ensuring 
that the ALAC, as a token of its commitment to keep the size of our group 
close to what it was, would not seek a similar privilege for itself.

The ALAC's call for implementing the decision taken in London (3 Co-Chairs) 
was based on stated principles: diversity, adequate representation, 
fairness. While maintaining these principles, the ALAC is keen to help our 
process along by proposing a new structure, incorporating these principles 
as well as some elements discussed online since the London meeting.

Here is the ALAC proposal:

- Chair + 4 Vice-Chairs, these 5 being from the 5 different regions (as per 
ICANN practice).

- No region or citizenship may occupy more than one of these positions. 
There shall be no automatic entitlement of any region to the position of 

- Process:
  - Interim Chair is requested to launch a call for candidates for the 5 
positions on the leadership team. It is suggested that these should reach 
Interim Chair by Monday 11 August at 23:59 UTC.
  - Interim Chair would then publish the list of candidates, each with 
her/his relevant data (full name, business or other affiliation, 
organization represented, region, citizenship), and set a date for the vote.
  - The result of the vote to be published immediately, and the new 
leadership to convene as soon as possible.

In order to ensure adequate representation of the global Internet user 
community, Jean-Jacques Subrenat (European region, citizen of France) has 
decided to withdraw his candidacy for the position of Co-Chair, and is 
nominating Mohamed El-Bashir (African region, citizen of Sudan) for 
Vice-Chair. Mohamed has accepted to be nominated, and his candidacy is 
endorsed by the ALAC.

Best regards,
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