[Internal-cg] Chair structure.

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Aug 7 15:00:51 UTC 2014

I agree with Wolf. I can't help but think that this proposal, and more importantly the level of priority that is being given to the structure of chairs, is based on the false premise that the ICG is the basic drafter or developer of the IANA transition proposals. It is not. If you want proper representative of regional variations or "citizenships" in this transition, you'd better focus on getting people from those regions and "citizenships" involved in proposal development.** I also detect a certain tendency here to develop positions on ICG issues among our own silos rather than seeking consensus and ideas among the ICG members themselves. Both tendencies are counterproductive IMHO. 


** Once you do that, you will probably learn that the correlation between region, citizenship and specific positions re IANA proposals is a random one, too.

> -----Original Message-----
> I must say I'm surprised by this ALAC proposal because it seems to me not
> consistent with what we have heard so far from ALAC and have found most
> agreement to after vivid discussion on the list - namely the 3 (co-)chair
> model.
> I'm asking myself why this shouldn't lead other member groups thinking
> about earlier models already discussed or new ones.
> In addition the process may have to be detailed with respect to the voting
> scheme.
> From my point of view I can say that the 3 chair model (as well as 1 or 2) is
> backed by the CSG I'm representing. Re the ALAC proposal I'd like to refer
> back to them. As a constituency call has been already scheduled for Monday
> 11 Aug I could only come back after this call. I'd like the ICG taking this into
> consideration when scheduling the process.
> In between I understand the call for (co-,vice-) chair positions is already open
> independent from the number of positions. In this regard I welcom
> Mohamed's nomination. Maybe Alissa could update us on the candidacies so
> fare received.
> Best regards
> Wolf-Ulrich

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