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will there be speakers on behalf of ICG as a whole or just their constituencies? 
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I got one comment (thanks Manal) and based on that I have submitted the following. > * Session title; Community Discussion with the ICG > * Brief session overview (extensive session overview and agenda > details can be provided closer to the date) The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) will, at the ICANN51 meeting in Los Angeles, have a discussion with the community on various aspects of the transition. The schedule for the session is as follows: - 15 min update from ICG - 30 min update from coordinated proposals, 5 min. each. To plan the session accordingly and accommodate max number of requests, groups are required to make themselves known to the ICG in advance, highlighting their coordination activities and sending in proposals and/or material they intend to discuss - 45 minutes open microphone where issues are brought up by individuals from the floor and/or remote participants > * Number of attendees ( e.g. 150, 300, 500+) 500+ > * Date, time and duration (From Alice: "based on our experience, I > suggest holding the session on Wednesday as this timeframe will allow > communities to hold discussions in their respective meetings prior to > the session") Wednesday or Thursday Patrik 
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