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I may be confused here, but it seemed that we had come to a compromise of trying to take diversity into account in the 1+2 formulation.  GAC wanted a breadth of representation for participaton, decision-making and review, we are just looking at meeting organisation in Chairs/vice chairs for which too many people may well be counter productive...



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If we accept 5 members from GAC to have better regional representation, 
I support
the same arguments for the 1 chair + 4 vice-chairs proposal from ALAC .



On 07/08/14 05:01, Subrenat, Jean-Jacques wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> as announced yesterday, I am now forwarding a proposal that the ALAC has developed for the Chair structure of our group.
> As you remember, in London the ALAC representatives were among the first to support the enlargement of the GAC contingent from 2 to 5, while ensuring that the ALAC, as a token of its commitment to keep the size of our group close to what it was, would not seek a similar privilege for itself.
> The ALAC's call for implementing the decision taken in London (3 Co-Chairs) was based on stated principles: diversity, adequate representation, fairness. While maintaining these principles, the ALAC is keen to help our process along by proposing a new structure, incorporating these principles as well as some elements discussed online since the London meeting.
> Here is the ALAC proposal:
> - Chair + 4 Vice-Chairs, these 5 being from the 5 different regions (as per ICANN practice).
> - No region or citizenship may occupy more than one of these positions. There shall be no automatic entitlement of any region to the position of Chair.
> - Process:
>    - Interim Chair is requested to launch a call for candidates for the 5 positions on the leadership team. It is suggested that these should reach Interim Chair by Monday 11 August at 23:59 UTC.
>    - Interim Chair would then publish the list of candidates, each with her/his relevant data (full name, business or other affiliation, organization represented, region, citizenship), and set a date for the vote.
>    - The result of the vote to be published immediately, and the new leadership to convene as soon as possible.
> In order to ensure adequate representation of the global Internet user community, Jean-Jacques Subrenat (European region, citizen of France) has decided to withdraw his candidacy for the position of Co-Chair, and is nominating Mohamed El-Bashir (African region, citizen of Sudan) for Vice-Chair. Mohamed has accepted to be nominated, and his candidacy is endorsed by the ALAC.
> Best regards,
> Jean-Jacques.
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