[Internal-cg] Final version of the charter to go out (Was: Re: Charter comments summary)

Alice Jansen alice.jansen at icann.org
Thu Aug 28 12:51:10 UTC 2014

Dear ICG Members,
The charter was published on the ICANN website yesterday and may be found
at: https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/charter-icg-27aug14-en.pdf
Note that it was also posted on your activities page at:
The link to the announcement is:
Best regards

On 8/27/14 12:22 PM, "Jari Arkko" <jari.arkko at piuha.net> wrote:

>The review period for the charter has completed, and based on the August
>19 call and subsequent e-mail discussion, my interpretation is that we
>now have a stable charter that can be published.
>I have made one change as requested by Joe and others, changing ³assess²
>to ³review" in the new text. Here are the attached files, the first two
>are the clean Word and PDF files, and the next two are the ones with
>changes from the version that we put out for public review after our
>London meeting.
>I would like to suggest that the secretariat puts this up on the ICG
>website and publishes and appropriate news item. Please use the
>charterv10_clean.pdf file for this.
>Thank you all for your hard work on this topic.
>Jari Arkko

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