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jjs jjs at dyalog.net
Mon Jul 14 18:47:22 UTC 2014

Hi Milton, 

having just been nominated by the ALAC to the Coordination  Grpup, I was late boarding the train on "naming the group".

Your advice is to settle for CG "and not spend more time on this". But I want to take up your remark that "TFSI refer(s) to what we are supposed to facilitate, not to the group itself". 

I see this as an advantage: we would thus designate our target, rather than contemplate our navel. 


Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu> a écrit :

>I think we're all getting way too cute with this. 
>CG is fine. The list is already named that. Both TSIF and NXER refer to what we are supposed to facilitate but not to the group itself.
>Most everyone aware of us knows the context of the CG, so CG will do.
>Generally, I believe this is not something we should spend a lot more time on
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>> > Something witty and catchy would be good - NXFER anyone?
>> I agree. That is pretty good.
>> I also liked TSIF.
>> Jari
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