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jjs jjs at dyalog.net
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As the important concepts here are
- transfer of STEWARDSHIP,
I would suggest a shortened acronym, TSIF, for "Transfer of Stewardship of the IANA Functions".


Xiaodong Lee <xl at cnnic.cn> a écrit :

>IANA Stewardship Transition Co-ordination Group might be better
>Xiaodong Lee
>>I've been calling it the NISTCG for want of a better term. Ie the NTIA
>>IANA Stewardship Transition Co-ordination Group.
>>Some of our community objected to it being the 'IANA transfer' group
>>because in their mind they didn't think IANA needed to be transferred at
>>all, but the NTIA.
>>That would rule out Daniel's ICOB.
>>Something witty and catchy would be good - NXFER anyone?
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>>I also agree.
>>BTW do we have an appropriate acronym for our group? "CG" seems too
>>general. Maybe something with relation to IANA: ICG, CIG, CGI...
>>Let's fix this asap to communicate to our respective groups.
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>>> Am 13.07.2014 um 04:20 schrieb Jari Arkko <jari.arkko at piuha.net>:
>>>> For those of us with demanding jobs other than ICANN, it would be
>>>>useful if we could combine CG meetings with other ICANN meetings to
>>>>some extent.
>>>> E.g., target L.A. ICANN meeting in October for our next F2F, add a day
>>>>on to the beginning or end. IETF or RIR meetings might serve a similar
>>>>function if we think we need to increase the frequency of F2F meetings
>>>>(which I hope we don't!)
>>> I agree with this as well. And IGF, which is coming up.
>>> Jari
>>> P.S. The IETF would be happy to see you all in some of our meetings,
>>>and you might even stay a few extra days, as we discuss IANA and other
>>>topics. You'd be warmly welcome in our Honolulu meeting (Nov 9-14) for
>>>instance :-) Or our upcoming Toronto meeting that starts a day after the
>>>coordination group meeting in London ends. Future meetings are at
>>>http://www.ietf.org/meeting/upcoming.html We also have an IETF policy
>>>guest program run by ISOC, a very popular program and something that you
>>>might consider if you have not been to an IETF meeting earlier.
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