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Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Tue Jul 15 11:51:53 UTC 2014


as suggested during our phone call on Thursday here is some background
on RSSAC as well as about Liman and myself.

The Root Server Systems Advisory Committee has a very narrow charter:

We recently (re-)organised ourselves according to suggestions from a
structural review. The current composition of the committee can be found
at https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/rssac-4c-2012-02-25-en
We have just established a caucus that will carry out our work.

Liman and I have been selected to serve on the coordination group with
support from all committee members. I have attached the initial guidance
of the committee to us. Our committee is small and communication lines
are short. It should be noted however that no-one can speak for the 12
organisations that operate the DNS root name servers. We consider the
diversity and independence of these organisations to be an essential
element for the stability of the DNS.

Our role here is first and foremost to help create a proposal that has
the widest support that can practically be achieved. We will work for
that first while making sure no harm will come from it, particularly for
the root name server operators.

I am looking forward to work with all of you to make this happen.

(also for Liman who is enjoying a few holidays)


The RSSAC gives the following guidance requested by its representatives
in the "NTIA IANA Functions’ Stewardship Transition Coordination Group":

The primary objective is to produce a plan that is accepted as widely as
practical, maintains IANA functionality and does not reduce the security
and stability of the Internet.

This plan should, as much as possible, be produced in a bottom-up
fashion, based within the groups most closely involved in each of the
IANA functions as users or partners.

Secondary objectives include:

- practical oversight for IANA maintenance of root name server data
- operational continuity of IANA
- practicality of all oversight arrangements

RSSAC wishes to avoid any perception that it is trying to influence the
content of the DNS root zone. DNS Root name server operators are
publishers but not editors of the zone content.

While RSSAC would like to see a result as soon as practical, it is not
an objective to achieve this in the shortest possible time; particularly
not at the expense of the primary objective of the widest practical


Lars-Johan Liman

I'm a Senior Systems Specialist at Netnod Ineternet Exchange in
Stockholm, Sweden - the home of i.root-servers.net, for which I am the
technical lead.

My bio can be foundin the ICANN Wiki, at


but some highlights include

* Early days at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and its
  Network Operations Centre.

* 25 years of experience in operating large servers and network

* Has a keen interest for the operations of public infrastructure
  systems for the Internet, and especially for the stability thereof.

* Has strong feelings for openness and transparency.

* Has been involved in international Internet related work for more than
  20 years - at all levels, from installing equipment in racks to
  attending UN conferences.

* Likes to make policy and implementation fit together.


Daniel Karrenberg is chief scientist at the RIPE NCC, the regional
Internet registry for Europe and surrounding areas. He advises on
research, creation and piloting of new services as well as general
strategy development. A computer scientist by training, Daniel likes to
invent, design and implement Internet related systems, especially those
collecting and processing data about the Internet itself. He also likes
to occasionally inject physics, engineering and "networking style" into
debates about Internet governance.

Daniel maintains his public bio on linkedin:

Ample information about his past sins can be found using your favourite
search engine. Following are a few additional keywords you might use,
arranged by decade:

1980s: GUUG EUUG EUnet unido mcvax cwi RARE iepg RIPE
1990s: RIPE+NCC rir iana postel terena ebone centr k.root-servers.net
2000s: dnsmon nsd ris internet+society rssac
2010s: ripe+labs ripestat ripe+atlas

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