[Internal-cg] Minutes from Day 1 of first meeting

Samantha Dickinson samantha at linguasynaptica.com
Tue Jul 22 14:08:01 UTC 2014

Hello all

I sent through an email just before departing London on Sunday, but
because I had changed my email address, it got stuck in moderator
limbo. To recap from that email, as well as some additional content...

The minutes are longer than I originally anticipated. The reason for
the length is that, and I hope you don't mind me making this
presumption, it seemed that as a first meeting, where the group was
setting up its work for the coming year, it was important to document
the discussion in some depth so that observers could better understand
how the ICG reached its decisions. I also thought that detail may
assist some of you, as representatives of your respective communities,
prepare summaries or reports back to your communities, if any of you
are doing that. The transcripts are available, of course, but I've
tried to group discussions within agenda items by topic rather than
order of speaker, so there is a more logical presentation of how the
discussion developed. There may not be a need for such detailed
minutes for upcoming meetings.

I have attached the minutes as Word documents. If this is a
problematic format for any of you, please let me know.

In terms of action items, I wasn't sure what format you used, so have
used a generic "Action item ICG-[number]" format that could perhaps be
used for both onsite and teleconference action items by just
incrementing the number at the end. If you prefer a different format,
please let me know and I'll adjust the minutes accordingly.

I have also attached a table that will be an annex to the minutes of
this first meeting. It currently contains a structured representation
of the information presented by ICG members in the "Introductions"
section of Day 1. I will add the details of the members who arrived on
Day 2 shortly.

I will endeavour to get Day 2 minutes out to you all by the end of
Wednesday. I think I should be able to make them a bit shorter than
the Day 1 minutes, however, since some of the contents of the
discussions held on Day 2 were similar to that held on Day 1.


Samantha Dickinson
Internet governance consultant & writer
Lingua Synaptica

Web: http://linguasynaptica.com
Twitter: @sgdickinson
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