[Internal-cg] ICG FAQ V2 ..

Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Wed Oct 1 08:54:54 UTC 2014

Dear All ..


Please find attached, and in Dropbox, I new version reflecting our
discussion on the call and comments received over email, to the extent
possible ..

Please note that I have re-numbered the questions to accommodate the 2
new ones, so please take care when referring to question numbers as they
may not be the same any more ..


I believe the following highlights may be useful in reviewing this
version of the document ..

I can see that the following 2 questions still need further discussion:

Q#5 on IANA, with the following suggestions on the table:

-          A new draft of the question and its answer 

-          whether to delete the question

-          And a range of suggestions regarding definitions, reference
documents, functions within the contract, and those beyond

Q#16 on coordination with accountability process

-          Redraft of the question

-          Concern about locking our timeline with the results of the
ICANN enhanced accountability process

-          Debate on ICG will conducting an analysis of their [the
received proposals] overall implications for ICANN accountability  


On the other hand, regarding the following 2 additional questions,
kindly note that:

Q#3 on ICG secretariat

-          I have tried to redraft this one to focus more on ICG

Q#11 on submitting individual proposals

-          I have replaced the last sentence with this: "But, of course,
this will be possible only if you have already participated in the
process convened by the relevant operational community."


The rest of the changes are hopefully straight forward ..

Appreciate if you can either use track changes or, like Patrik
mentioned, send the exact text proposed for further iterations ..


Kind Regards 


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