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Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Oct 2 13:22:06 UTC 2014

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> I also realised that there is one question I keep getting from people:
> "Has the NTIA ever invoked its stewardship powers?" and while I have an
> answer, I'm not convinced it is completely correct. I've included that one for
> general dissection.

I would advise against touching this. First, it has nothing to do with the ICG activities or mission.
Second, a correct answer to that question (which would be 'yes' in relation to the .xxx application), is not something that a lot of people want to hear and we will end up debating it endlessly, for no reason.

The FAQ should answer questions about who were are; what we do; how to respond to our RFP; the respective roles of the ICG, operational communities, USG; how people can get involved in any of those activities.  

The FAQ is not (or perhaps I should say, I believe it should not be) a general tutorial on IANA, the IANA transition, and ICANN accountability 

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