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Thank you for all your work in producing and coordinating the editing of 
this document!

On 10/8/2014 6:10 AM, Manal Ismail wrote:
> Dear All ..
> Please find attached, and in Dropbox, a clean final version of the ICG
> FAQ ..
> We still need to insert the referenced email address before developing a
> PDF version ..
> I have also inserted a link to the most recent 'Proposal Finalization
> Process' file .. not sure how this will work with future versions ..
> I understand that the answer to Q17 on coordination with the
> accountability process is not 100% agreed by everyone but I believe the
> last draft provided by Milton was quite accepted to move forward and
> continue the discussion ..
> Thank you all for your help and cooperation to get this out before the
> LA meeting ..
> Kind Regards
> --Manal
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>> From: Russ Housley [mailto:housley at vigilsec.com] I still worry a bit
>> about the ICG conducting an analysis.  If the names community has
>> achieved consensus, the only question remaining for the ICG is to
>> determine if there are gaps.
> Disagree strongly. "Coordination" with the broader ICANN accountability
> process is required by the charter and we cannot coordinate if we do not
> analyze the accountability arrangements as a whole that are coming out
> of the OC proposals and liaise with them on its implications for their
> process. As noted in my previous message, if we don't do this we are
> risking the entire transition being derailed.
> Furthermore, we do have to assess accountability holistically, as each
> OC will develop plans independently. Just as we need to look for
> technical incompatibilities or oversights, we need to do that for
> accountability.
> It's not just the names community that has to worry about
> accountability, by the way. There are major issues with numbers, too.
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