[Internal-cg] Slides for meeting Thursday

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Thu Oct 16 04:12:07 UTC 2014

I’ve added one slide on “questions heard this week.” It might be helpful to highlight these and give brief answers at the end of my presentation, to help tee up the community discussion. Obviously some of them are factual and for some we don’t have much to say, but it still seems useful to capture the questions repeated during the week thus far.

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On Oct 15, 2014, at 5:47 PM, Martin Boyle <Martin.Boyle at nominet.org.uk> wrote:

> Oh, I wasn't aware, but that's fine!  I did not use slides with the GAC and won't tomorrow either.  I assume I should aim for < 5 mins
> Martin
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> As of today, I find the following will present:
> - Alissa
> - Milton
> - Martin
> - Jari
> - Adiel
> If I do not hear from you, I expect you will use same slides as you use at the meeting with GAC (if you did use slides).
> If you want to use other slides, please let me (and/or Alice and Ergys) know ASAP!
>   Patrik
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