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Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sun Feb 1 15:30:33 UTC 2015

Ah, Daniel. No need to acknowledge communications at all; the people who send them can see them pop up on a web archive. And because they exist somewhere on an archive, we of course can assume that everyone reads them (after all, they have nothing else to do). And the OCs who may be the subject of the concern to begin with can be assumed to take them as seriously as they need to because, well, they are sitting there on a web archive. 

Sorry, but if we wanted to do a more thorough job of making it appear as if we don't give a damn about any objections or questions the procedure you describe is perfect. 

These are people, not machines, and it is a political process in which legitimacy is important, not a deterministic handshake in a data communication protocol. I think we have to make it clear that we are doing due diligence.

I understand your concern I think the risks of your approach are massively larger than some kind of simply ack and forwarding. 

> -----Original Message-----
> 1 - Alert
> This serves no essential purpose as we are all aware of the forum. as written
> it causes the secretariat to forward, and thus multiply, spam.

Actually, some of us do not spend 24 hours a day monitoring these forums. 

> 2 - Acknowledge
> This serves no essential purpose as the commenter can check whether their
> comment appears in the forum themselves. It creates a risk for error because
> it assumes the secretariat can reliably determine what in fact is spam. While I
> agree with Martin that "common courtesy" is desirable this does not justify
> the additional effort and the risk.
> 3 - Forward
> This serves no essential purpose as the OCs can read the public forum.
> It involves an unnecessary decision about what is spam and which
> operational community is relevant together with the associated risks for
> abuse and error. We can make the suggestion without forwarding individual
> comments.
> 4 - Follow-up
> This is not really part of a (new) procedure. We can state this publicly
> without calling it "procedure".
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