[Internal-cg] Action items from ICG Face-to-Face Meeting #4, 6-7 February 2015

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Does waiting for the reply, impact the timing of any of the further 
review obligations we have?
On 2/7/2015 8:58 PM, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> Alissa is awaiting suggestions for a date for a response to this question.
> My suggestion is that we request that they tell us within 30 days 
> _/how/_ they plan to go about resolving this issue (e.g., meetings, 
> etc.) and once they respond in that way we ask them to suggest a 
> timeline for how quickly they think they can resolve it.
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> Jennifer,
> You forgot the question we agreed to send jointly to the numbers and 
> protocol parameters group.
> I was responsible for this, but yesterday when I said it was “done” I 
> meant that the question had been approved by the group. I do not think 
> it was “finished” in the sense that we have formally transmitted it to 
> the two OCs. I would like to know how that will be done, and when.
> For everyone’s reference, here is the agreed question:
> The IETF consensus as reflected in draft-ietf-ianaplan-icg-response 
> did not include a formal request to change the arrangements regarding 
> the IANA trademark and the iana.org <http://iana.org> domain as a 
> requirement of its transition proposal. But Section III.A.2 of the RIR 
> proposal says:
> "With regards to the IANA trademark and the IANA.ORG <http://IANA.ORG> 
> domain, it is the expectation of the Internet Number Community that 
> both are associated with the IANA Numbering Services and not with a 
> particular IANA Numbering Services Operator. Identifying an 
> organization that is not the IANA Numbering Services Operator and 
> which will permanently hold these assets will facilitate a smooth 
> transition should another operator (or operators) be selected in the 
> future. It is the preference of the Internet Number Community that the 
> IANA trademark and the IANA.ORG <http://IANA.ORG> domain name be 
> transferred to an entity independent of the IANA Numbering Services 
> Operator, in order to ensure that these assets are used in a 
> non-discriminatory manner for the benefit of the entire community. 
> From the Internet Number Community’s perspective, the IETF Trust would 
> be an acceptable candidate for this role.”
> The numbers proposal sees these changes as a requirement of the 
> transition and the protocols parameters proposal does not. If these 
> aspects of the proposals are perceived as incompatible would the 
> numbers and protocol parameters communities be willing to modify their 
> proposals to reconcile them?
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> #4, 6-7 February 2015
> Hello All,
> As reviewed by the ICG chairs, please find the list of action items 
> from the ICG Face-to-Face Meeting #4 below:
> 1. Secretariat to summarize questions/answers resolved internally 
> about the protocol parameters proposal and numbers proposal discussed.
> 2. Arkko to compile a list of for a request for information from the 
> protocol parameters community re jurisdiction, NTIA oversight and send 
> it to internal-cg list.
> 3. Wilson to request clarification from CRISP team, questions put 
> forth by Arasteh (regarding Section II.B.2 and III.A of the numbers 
> proposal).
> 4. ICG chairs to review details of the proposal finalization process 
> and refine ICG timeline with assistance from Secretariat.
> 5. Ismail, Arasteh, St. Amour, Alhadeff, Subrenat to continue working 
> on community comments handling document with suggestions put forward 
> by other ICG members.
> 6. ICG to continue to discuss and agree on talking points and ICG 
> chairs to send bullet points for Monday session on the internal-cg list.
> 7. Fältström to communicate with CWG-IANA and CCWG-Accountability 
> before coordinating ICG teleconference schedule.
> Best Regards,
> Jennifer
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