[Internal-cg] Open ICG session in Singapore

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Thu Jan 15 13:36:15 UTC 2015


The session is scheduled for Monday, 9 February - 10:15-13:00.

I suggest it be divided as follows:


Patrik Fältström - moderator for the whole session
Introduction to the structure of the session


Operational Community 1


Operational Community 2


Operational Community 3


Representatives from ICG + Operational Communities on stage, open microphone

ICG will for this slot have three people on stage. The rest of ICG will be on the floor and have "priority" at microphones if they want to speak. I will as moderator for the session announce this, and ask ICG members "to stand up" to show who are ICG members.

Microphones will be two queues (again) but the two queues should be beside each other. One for "new items" and one for "same item".

I am thinking of a third microphone just for ICG members -- if you think that would be preferred.

I will be moderating, so I need three people from ICG to be on stage for the third portion. Alternatively, we have no ICG members on the stage, but a separate microphone for ICG.

Feedback please!


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