[Internal-cg] Open ICG session in Singapore

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Tue Jan 20 16:09:06 UTC 2015

On Jan 19, 2015, at 11:59 AM, Paul Wilson <pwilson at apnic.net> wrote:
>> 10:20-11:00
>> Operational Community 1
> Can we set the order of the communities to speak?  Perhaps in order of proposals received: protocols, then numbers, then names.
> Who do you expect to present at this point?  For numbers I would suggest a representative of the CRISP Team which developed the proposal.  If this is agreed, then I will ask the chair asap, to make sure she is available (or can assign someone who is).

One of the chairs of the IETF IANAPLAN WG is available to speak about protocol parameters.


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