[Internal-cg] Inpiut for Guidance to the Operational Communities Regarding Comments to the ICG

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Thu Jan 29 10:11:37 UTC 2015

Thanks Daniel for your clarification .. 
In fact I was also wondering whether this is intended as part of the
process ..
Glad you have explained ..
Will share the current draft and await your and others' input ..

Kind Regards

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On 28.01.15 21:52 , Kavouss Arasteh wrote:
> DearDaniel,
> Dear All,
> I think we have agreed that
> 1. Manal kindly prepare a Framework of the draft.
> 2. Share that draft with all ICG members
> 3. Finalize the draft on e-mail reflector
> 4. ICG agrees to the draft with consensus
> 5. Alissa send it out
> I  think that  this is a proper course of action to be followed..
> This was agreed and we need to respect the agreement regardless of our
> individual views
> Regards
> Kavouss


thank you for explaining your perception of what we agreed at the 
previous meeting. It is quite congruent with my perception as far as 
Manal's action item is concerned. However I was not speaking to Manal's 
action item, but rather to Alissa's action item regarding a response to 
questions from the numbers community. My intention is to provide helpful

input to Alissa regarding the response based on my perception of the 
discussion at our last meeting. My recollection is that we agreed that 
the numbers community deserves a response before we have concluded the 
discussion Manal is leading and that we asked Alissa to send this

I also plan to provide coherently worded input to Manal for her action 
item as soon as my current travel permits.



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