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I strongly agree with Kavouss on this.  We will obviously have some questions of our own on the detail of the names proposal (although the outcome of that process is likely to be a finely balanced compromise with little room for manoeuvre), but the key part will be to ensure discussion between the groups to find how the different proposals can work together.


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Dear All,
I am of the view that such a meeting would be useful since till now Protocol parameter and Numbers have just talked to each other and with ICG. It is important the Names commujnity also  attend similar meeting that we had before and be aware of the progress made by two other comminity and actions being taken by ICG and so on

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 > 2. Do you think a session very similar to the last one we had (with the
> three OC) would be interesting?

I don't think all three OCs would be needed by that point, it would be all about names, wouldn't it?
If we do have numbers and protocols present for the session, they should prepare very abbreviated presentations, not like the ones they did last time.
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