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joseph alhadeff joseph.alhadeff at oracle.com
Thu Mar 5 15:24:07 UTC 2015

I would agree on a slow preparation related to our exercise of 
socializing the final draft - that will require effort and forethought.  
PR in the interim should be limited to thinking of sending our existing 
updates through other channels; if ICANN has suggestions fine, but this 
does not rise to any level of formality or partnership....
On 3/5/2015 7:06 AM, Mohamed El Bashir wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 5:26 AM, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu 
> <mailto:mueller at syr.edu>> wrote:
>     Sorry, but I don’t see the need for this at all.
>     I see it as a potential diversion from our substantive work and a
>     time-consuming move into PR. As another matter, we’ve just
>     detached our Secretariat from ICANN and now we get deeply enmeshed
>     into their communications team?
> Its shouldn't consume ICG time as a small group or a volunteer(s) can 
> work on it and present the final outcome to ICG. PR is not part of our 
> new secretariat mandate.
> ICANN still provides ICG with support ( logistics, travel, ...etc ), 
> not sure why PR could not be part of that as long the ICG determines 
> the content of such out-reach messages and approve the end product.
>     We might need some kind of better public outreach when we have
>     assembled three finalized proposals and we are seeking public
>     comment. Until then, I do not understand the need. Martin
>     mentioned “registries who are not involved in the ICANN process.”
>     It is a clearly defined part of this process that it is the task
>     of the operational communities, in this case names, to involve all
>     relevant groups in the development of the proposal. It is not our
>     job to do so. So perhaps ICANN PR can offer their services to the
>     CWG.
> Agree, we will need outreach when we assemble the final proposal but 
> we also need it through the evaluation process, better to plan/start 
> early while we have less pressure now.
>     I am shaking my head in disbelief about this, really. Simple
>     explanations of the role of the ICG are not the primary problem
>     the transition faces right now. It is not even a secondary
>     problem, or a tertiary one. Let’s be realistic. The problem has to
>     do with achieving consensus among a complex set of interest groups
>     around management of the names root. The idea that we are going to
>     advance that process with slick infographics about us strikes me
>     as seriously misguided, almost narcissistic.
> I know and others as well clearly the challenges ahead of us as ICG, 
> the current names debate and challenges is clear indication of task 
> complexity  in the final proposal assembly.
> That's being said, its our role to ensure that our processes and 
> procedures are transparent and clear to the wider internet community, 
> this is the objective Not resolving ICG issues complexity by a slick 
> infograph !!
>     --MM
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>     Dear All,
>     The Chairs had 2 meetings with ICANN's communications team in Los
>     Angeles and Singapore, they offered to support ICG in planning and
>     developingneed inforgraphics, animation videos and media messages .
>     As ICG progressing in the proposal evaluations it might be useful
>     to explain some of our important processes to public in clear
>     visual presentation, if we decided to accept ICANN support in
>     this, its communications team will develop those infographs based
>     on ICG guidance, review and approval. the infograhs and other
>     produced media can be published in ICG web site.
>     Please advice if we can proceed on this approach and develop some
>     infographs with ICANN support.
>     If yes, what issues/topics you think we should focus on ( e.g
>     proposals evaluation/assessment process, the time line, .....etc ).
>     Kind Regards,
>     Mohamed
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