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Russ Mundy mundy at tislabs.com
Fri Mar 6 01:47:16 UTC 2015

Hi Mohamed, 

Thanks for passing this suggestion about infographics/communications to the group.  I have read all of the other responses that have made it to my mailbox at this point and my view is that this is NOT something that the ICG should be leading.  

Although creating this type of infographics/communications does seem like a reasonable undertaking, I think that the leadership for it should be ICANN itself with close coordination with the involved activities that should include the ICG as well as others.  I’ve reached this conclusion based on how the ICG got here and the goal we're trying to reach (deliver a single proposal to NTIA):

- First, the overall tasking from NTIA for organizing & overseeing the activities in a multistakeholder manner was clearly directed to ICANN;

- Second, creation of this type of communications really should consider the full set of activities that have happened and need to yet happen to reach the goal and ICANN should have the best view of the full set of activities;

- Third, although the ICG is responsible for finalizing the single proposal, creation of the majority of the ‘real content’ (i.e., how things should work in the future) is done by the operational communities - unless all of the OCs (not just the CWG) undertake a similar infographics/communications effort, the effort by the ICG might over-emphasize the importance of the ICG;

- Forth, NTIA has made it clear that the ‘official’ delivery of the single proposal must come from ICANN so it seems that they should also be leading the preparation of communications/infographics and obtaining input & coordination from the various groups.

In short, the effort seems to be a good idea but I don’t think the ICG should lead it.

Russ (M)

On Mar 5, 2015, at 6:50 PM, Xiaodong Lee <xl at cnnic.cn> wrote:

> Hi Mohamed,
> +1, it is good idea and necessary if we could ask icann support with their clear clarification their relationship with this work, it will be better for community to know what happened. 
> D't think volunteer can fit this requirement since it is professional job and resources needed.
> BTW, we cannot reject any help from community if they could clearly have clarification, we are also from community, internet is also based on community.
> Best Regards,
> --
> Dr. Xiaodong Lee
>> 在 2015年3月5日,04:14,Mohamed El Bashir <mbashir at mbash.net> 写道:
>> Dear All, 
>> The Chairs had 2 meetings with ICANN's communications team in Los Angeles and Singapore, they offered to support ICG in planning and developingneed inforgraphics, animation videos and media messages .
>> As ICG progressing in the proposal evaluations it might be useful to explain some of our important processes to public in clear visual presentation, if we decided to accept ICANN support in this, its communications team will develop those infographs based on ICG guidance, review and approval. the infograhs and other produced media can be published in ICG web site.
>> Please advice if we can proceed on this approach and develop some infographs with ICANN support.
>> If yes, what issues/topics you think we should focus on ( e.g proposals evaluation/assessment process, the time line, .....etc ).
>> Kind Regards,
>> Mohamed
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