[IOT] IRP IOT comments review - discussion aids for one we will review this week

McAuley, David dmcauley at verisign.com
Mon Feb 27 17:46:32 UTC 2017

Dear members of the IRP IOT:

As you know, at this coming teleconference meeting (Thursday, March 2, 13:00 UTC) we will get into substantive review/consideration of the public comments to the draft supplementary rules.

Malcolm has kindly volunteered to lead us on the timing of claims issues that several comments touched on, including his own.

I will (in my capacity as an IOT participant rather than as lead) help step us through a comment from Fletcher, Heald, and Hildreth P.L.C. that addresses challenges dealing with expert panel decisions and challenges to consensus SO Policy.

With respect to this "Fletcher" comment, I have created (1) some talking-point slides and (2) a document containing in one place specific draft language that this commenter suggests in a number of places in the comment. These are attached FYI as an aid to our discussion.

By the way, these attachments represent my preferred method of approach - there is no requirement that anyone taking the lead in our consideration of a comment needs to create slides or other material - the only requirement is to help us all consider the comment fairly and comprehensively. And we still need volunteers to take the lead on comments.

Many thanks,


David McAuley

International Policy Manager

Verisign Inc.


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