[IOT] IRP-IOT - Edits for clarity to public consultation text

Bernard Turcotte turcotte.bernard at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 21:21:08 UTC 2018


Staff are suggesting some edits to facilitate understanding of the issues
on which we are asking for comments. These are being suggested based on our
experience with public consultations and only meant to assist the reader in
understanding what is being considered and should not change what is being
proposed in any way.

Please find the proposed red-lined changes in the attached document for
your consideration.

If you have any significant objections please post them to the list prior
to Tuesday 19 June 2359UTC.

If there are no significant objections by the deadline we will proceed with
requesting the  posting the document for public consultation on Wednesday
20 June.

If there are significant objections we will revert to the original text.

Thank you.

Bernard Turcotte
ICANN Staff Support to the IRP-IOT


David McAuley
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