[IOT] IOT - Consolidation sub-group - Agenda for Nov 23rd 19:00 UTC

Bernard Turcotte turcotte.bernard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 18:29:55 UTC 2021

*IOT Sub-Group on Consolidation*

*Agenda for November 23, 2021, meeting 19:00 UTC*

*Members: *

·       David McAuley

·       Elizabeth Le

·       Kristina Rosette

·       Scott Austin

·       Susan Payne

*Action items*

1.      Sub-group members to review History of Amicus document
(IOT-HistoryofAmicus-20210124-V1.0) and the results of the first public
consultation by the IOT
both of which were distributed with the agenda for the last meeting. The
objective of this is to prepare to discuss at the next meeting if the focus
of this sub-group is in line with the expectations and requirements.

2.      SP will revise the mark-up of the Rule 7 document for the next


1.      Review selection of sub-group Chair/Rapporteur.

2.      Review of agenda.

3.      Review Action Items

4.      Review the questions raised in the email by SP *titled Input sought
by Consolidation Subteam* (included in the material for the previous
meeting as IOT-ConsolidationSG-email-SP-20210301, and reproduced below), to
ensure that all required elements are part of the sub-group’s objectives.


·       What is the intent of this section and, in reviewing it, what is
the problem we are trying to fix

·       What input was received in the public comment

·       What were the previous discussions of IOT group

·       Does the proposed amended language address the “problem” and does
it cause future issues for any other group

5.      Next meetings – Tuesday, December 7, 17:00 UTC.
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