[IOT] IOT - Initiation Sub-Group - Reminder of call today

Bernard Turcotte turcotte.bernard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 14:25:36 UTC 2021

IOT Sub-Group on IRP Initiation

Agenda for November 29, 2021, meeting 17:00 UTC


·       Malcolm Hutty

·       Mike Rodenbaugh (Chair)

·       Scott Austin

·       Elizabeth Le


1.      Review agenda

2.      Action Items

2.1.  BT, EL – Produce a process map for applying for an IRP.

2.2.  BT, EL – Distribute to sub-group forms required to submit an IRP and
the fees required.

2.3.  EL – Produce ICANN’s administrative costs for the ICDR IRP system
(ideally broken down by categories). These costs should not include any
costs related to specific IRPs ICANN is involved in.

2.4.  EL – Inquire if the members of the sub-group can look at the
ICANN-ICDR contract for the IRP. If not available identify why (if because
of a confidentiality agreement advise if the members of the sub-group can
sign an NDA to have access to it.).

3.      Review status of Action Items.

4.      Review and discuss information related to applying for an IRP.

5.      Review and discuss ICANN’s administrative costs for supporting the
ICDR IRP system.

6.      Next meetings – Tuesday December 7, 19:00 UTC.
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