[IOTF] IANA Operational Escalation Mechanisms

Trang Nguyen trang.nguyen at icann.org
Thu Apr 21 00:21:13 UTC 2016

Dear Chuck,

As a follow-up to today’s IOTF call, I am reaching out to summarize the 2 areas relating to Annex I and Annex J that we are seeking clarification.

1. Annex I: IANA Customer Service Complaint Resolution Process for Naming Related Functions

Section 1 of paragraph 1140 of the CWG proposal says: “Customer Service Complaint Resolution Process – This process is for anyone who has a complaint about IANA services. The CWG-Stewardship has modified the current process used by ICANN by adding some steps at the end. For further details, please see Annex I.”

This text implies that the only modifications to the current IANA Customer Service Complaint Resolution Process (http://www.iana.org/help/escalation-procedure) are the addition of new steps to Phase 2 of the process as reflected in Annex I.

The current IANA Service Complaint Resolution Process has the following escalation steps:

› IANA Function Liaison for Root Zone Management
› IANA Functions Program Manager
› ICANN President and CEO
› ICANN Ombudsman

However, paragraph 1367 of Annex I, which falls in the part of the process where we were not expecting changes due to the language of paragraph 1140, states:

“The complainant could send an e-mail to escalation at iana.org<mailto:escalation at iana.org> and provide the ticket numbers of the requests where the problem arose. If the problem is not resolved, IANA staff will escalate the problem to the following team members in this order as applicable:
› IANA Function Liaison for Root Zone Management;
› IANA Functions Program Manager; and
› Ombudsman (voluntary step).”

We would like to get a clarification as to whether the omission of "ICANN President and CEO” in paragraph 1367 of Annex I was as intentional or accidental.

2.  Annex J: IANA Problem Resolution Process (for IANA naming services only)

Annex J contains 3 flowcharts. Flowcharts #1 and #3 are titled the same “IANA Problem Resolution Process,” but the contents of the flowcharts differ. We would like clarification as to whether the differences are intentional and if yes, under what circumstances would the process in each flow chart apply.

Lastly, for agenda setting purpose, please let us know when you think you’ll be able to provide the clarification. We are scheduled to have 2 calls next week, one on Monday and another on Wednesday.

Thank you, Chuck!

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