[IOTF] FW: IOTF Call #7 - Agenda and Presentation Material

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Dear IOTF members,

We are experiencing difficulties with the iotf email list. Re-sending in case you did not receive previous emails from Yuko.
Attached, please find a couple of slides regarding the timeline for the PTI related documents. Also included on the slides are proposed review processes for these documents for discussion on today's call.


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Dear IOTF members,

Attached, please find the presentation material for Wednesday's IOTF Call #7 (27 April, 19:00 UTC / 12pm PDT / 3pm EDT / Thursday at 6am AEDT). The agenda of the call is:

  1.  Opening Remarks
  2.  Implementation Items
-        RZERC Charter: Obtain final agreement from IOTF on the draft circulated
-        IANA Escalation Mechanism: Is there any other comments and feedback from the IOTF on Chuck's clarification?
-        Document Review Process & Timeline: 1) Continue discussion regarding document review process, and 2) review timeline

  1.  AOB
  2.  Closing Remarks


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