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Dear members of the IOTF,


Please see below the meeting notes and chat history from today's IOTF call.
The presentation material, audio and AC room recordings are now posted at
https://www.icann.org/stewardship-implementation under "Meetings & Work
Sessions" section. The transcript will be made available within the next few


*** Meeting Notes ***


Implementation Oversight Task Force (ITOF) call #7

27 Apr 2016 @ 19:00 UTC


Please note that this meeting is being recorded. 

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If you would like to review the last call(s), the recordings and
presentation materials are posted publicly here:



1.       Opening Remarks

2.       Implementation Items

*         RZERC Charter: Obtain final agreement from IOTF on the draft

*         IANA Escalation Mechanism: Is there any other comments and
feedback from the IOTF on Chuck's clarification?

*         Document Review Process & Timeline: 1) Continue discussion
regarding document review process, and 2) review timeline

3.       AOB 

4.       Closing Remarks



Apology - Donna A, Jonathan R


IANA Escalation Mechanism

*         Response provided by Chuck is based on the discussion with the
design team.

*         Keep this item open until next Wednesday call


Action Items:

*         RZERC charter - Remove the "(possibly as Chair)" from Composition
section (ICANN)

*         RZERC charter - Delete "AS" from the first sentence from "Records
of Proceedings" (ICANN)

*         RZERC charter - Add "minutes shall be posted  as soon as possible"
at Records & Proceeding section (ICANN)

*         RZERC charter - Replace "as prudent" with "as appropriate" at the
last section of the Meetings (ICANN)

*         Forward the term sheet of the PTI formation documents to the
client committee for Sidley's review (ICANN)

*         ICANN-PTI Contract - Add Annex M as an additional input source

*         Pull language off of draft ICANN bylaws re: ICANN-PTI contract and
circulate to IOTF mail list (ICANN)

*         ICANN to discuss internally how the ICANN-PTI contract can be
shared before the whole draft is ready (ICANN)



***Chat History***


Yuko Green: Hello everybody, welcome t o IOTF call #7


matthew shears: hi could you remind me when the RZERC doc was circulated -


Yuko Green: @Matthew: It was Monday at 7pm PDT through IOTF mailing list
from Trang


matthew shears: OK thanks


Allan MacGillivray: Hi everyone.  That's me on 5335.


Yuko Green: Who may be phone # 5335?


Chuck Gomes: Hi all


Yuko Green: Thank you Allan


matthew shears: phone is live Allan


James Gannon: Hi All


Yuko Green: You have scrolling control as RZERC charter is on slide 4 and 5


James Gannon: Yeah I think that was from the proposal but can be done away
with now


matthew shears: that needs to be made clear then


Alissa Cooper: I still think this is over-specifying a bunch of details that
should be left to the committee itself, but I am giving up on that line of


Alissa Cooper: the document needs an edit pass for grammar


James Gannon: Works for me


matthew shears: in the last sentence under meetings what does the word
prudent refer to?


matthew shears: shouldn't it read as appropriate?


Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): lol


James Gannon: If Chcuk is happy I am


matthew shears: + 1 to Chuck's clarifications


Avri Doria: sound like reasonable repsonses to me.


Avri Doria: and as a member of that team they were what i remembered.


Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): th


Avri Doria: is there an open issue of incompatitiblity between this and the
agreed plan?


Avri Doria: makes sense to wait for a another week.


Avri Doria: to make sure that is is closed.


Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): not that I am aware of (yet) Avri  but NP with
another weeek


Avri Doria: next call is a good compromise


Chuck Gomes: Does Paul want a full week?


Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): next Wed  call if we run the Mon one as well


Paul Kane: agree


matthew shears: where does responsibility for drafting the contract between
ICANN and PTI lie?


Alissa Cooper: that's on the next slide


matthew shears: :) thanks


matthew shears: shouldn't the IOTF review the full draft before it goes to
the CWG?


Grace Abuhamad: The document was forwarded to the Client Committee here:


Grace Abuhamad: It's the process


Chuck Gomes: It seems to me that the full drafts can be reviewed by the IOTF
at the same time that Sidley is reviewing them.


matthew shears: ok


Chuck Gomes: When are the ICANN Bylaws targeted for approval?


Paul Kane: Agree Alissa


matthew shears: 27th May?


Chuck Gomes: Thanks Matthew.


matthew shears: understood - lets do it inparallel with Sidley


Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): yup


Russ Housley: This structure impacts all of the operational communities, so
we would like to know the proposed way forward as soon as possible


James Gannon: +1 Russ


matthew shears: + 1 Russ


James Gannon: Principles in bylaws and details in contract would be what i


Trang Nguyen: @Russ: Understood, Russ.


Chuck Gomes: I have to drop off.  Thanks all.


matthew shears: I think that it would be useful of key parts of teh contract
were shared as they were available rather than waiting on the full draft 


Lise Fuhr: Bye Chuck


James Gannon: I think thats still a little fuzzy Trang at the moment


James Gannon: On how much control there is over that contract from the
provisions in the ICANN bylaws


matthew shears: assuming the ICANN bylaws don't change


Alan Greenberg: I suspect it will be easier to change the PTI Bylaws than
the PTI-ICANN contract.


Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): thx Greg


Paul Kane: Alan  - agree


Paul Kane: But Bylaws have a formal process


matthew shears: + 1 Alissa on structure 


matthew shears: and +1 on review as well


Alan Greenberg: Don't recall for sure, but I think PTI Bylaws are purely up
to PTI Board. Appealable because ultimately controlled by ICANN, but no
community process.


Russ Housley: @Alan: One contract with three parts or three options is fine.
A contract for the naming functions with options for the other two is quite


Alan Greenberg: @Russ, my reference was just with regard to Pauls statement
about things in the PTI Bylaws as opposed to the contract.


Paul Kane: Agree Lise


matthew shears: we would also read the whole but it might expedite things
and assuage some concerns along the way


Lise Fuhr: @Trang it is more the structure than the details


Allan MacGillivray: Many of the principles in Annex C that are important to
the ccTLD community are also in the darft contract terms that were attached
to the CWG proposal.  They were deemed to be so important that they are
mentioned twice so we need them reflected in nthe bylaws and the PTI


Lise Fuhr: Thank you Trang


Avri Doria: thanks


matthew shears: thanks all


Lise Fuhr: All


James Gannon: thanks trang thanks yuko


Allan MacGillivray: Thanks everyone.




Yuko Green

Strategic Programs Manager

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Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)


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