[IOTF] Schedule A of the ICANN-PTI Services Agreement

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Thank-you for this. From the subsequent email chain, I see that there has
been discussion of various points including possible input from DT-O.


I have been through Sidley's issue list and inserted a series of possible
CWG comments (attached). It would be helpful to understand if that issues
list is still as it was on 18 August or if more recent work has moved it on.

Assuming it is as it was on 18 August, then I propose that my list of
responses be utilised as a strawman for the CWG responses. However, if it
has move on and many of the issues are now resolved and closed, it will be
helpful to know that and to possibly see a revised / shorter issues list.




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Dear IOTF members,


During today's CWG meeting #88 (18 August at 06:00 UTC), it was requested by
CWG and Sidley that IOTF review the Schedule A of the attached ICANN-PTI
Services Agreement. As such, I am sending you the Services Agreement as well
as Sidley's notes about the Agreement.


Today's CWG call recording where the request was made can be found here:


Please also note that the intention is to re-discuss this Services Agreement
during the next CWG call on 25 August at 14:00 UTC.




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