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Completely agree James.

On 3/24/2016 10:07 PM, James Gannon via IOTF wrote:
> Thanks for this Alissa, and I think that this reflects what myself and 
> some others noted on the call earlier this week, that the names only 
> PTI is not the expectation of the community as outlined in the various 
> proposal.
> I really think that the implementation staff need to take this on 
> board as from my perspective if that is made an issue of I think that 
> we will need to go back to the ICG and consider this an incompatible 
> implementation of the communities proposal.
> -James
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> Hi,
> Thanks for sharing the materials before the call, and my apologies for 
> missing the most recent call.
> The IANA transition proposal states that PTI will perform all of the 
> functions currently covered by the NTIA contract (para 21, 23). There 
> is no ambiguity about this. The communities had lengthy discussions 
> about whether all of the functions would move to the PTI, and paras 21 
> and 23 reflect the community consensus. It is not worth considering or 
> discussing a names-only PTI or any other option, as the substance of 
> the proposal is not up for debate, re-opening, or re-interpretation in 
> cases like this one where it is already unambiguous.
> On slide 7, in the “PTI - All 3 IANA functions” table, I do not know 
> why ICANN is listed as an oversight body for numbers and protocol 
> parameters. It is not an oversight body under the proposal. Also, in 
> the case of protocol parameters, oversight is conducted jointly by the 
> IAOC and the IAB. Finally, I wonder what “policy implementation” means 
> and how it is different from “performance of IANA functions.” For 
> protocol parameters at least they are exactly the same thing — 
> carrying out the functions means implementing the policies set by the 
> IETF and others.
> Thanks,
> Alissa
>> On Mar 24, 2016, at 2:40 PM, Yuko Green via IOTF <iotf at icann.org 
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>> Dear members of the IOTF,
>> Below, please review the proposed agenda for tomorrow’s IOTF call #2 
>> (Friday 25 March 14:00 UTC).
>> ¤Opening Remarks (Lise)
>> ¤Implementation Items (Trang)
>> •PTI Structure
>> •CSC Charter
>> ¤AOB
>> ¤Closing Remarks (Lise)
>> I have also attached the presentation material for your review.
>> Regards,
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