[ksk-change] On the topic of 1024-bit ZSKs

S Moonesamy sm+icann at elandsys.com
Mon Oct 20 20:22:16 UTC 2014

Hi David,
At 12:50 20-10-2014, David Conrad wrote:
>Unrelated to KSK change, but as we discussed it in the workshop...
>https://kivo.com/p/h985rFcI, slides 37-39
>Dr. Bernstein notes (page 38): "Analyses in 2003 
>concluded that RSA-1024 was breakable; e.g., 
>2003 Shamir-Tromer estimated 1 year, ˆ USD $10^7"
>I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of caveats in Dr. Bernstein's slides.

There was some discussion about the topic 
previously (see comment at 
https://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/dnsop/current/msg11541.html ).

S. Moonesamy 

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