[ksk-rollover] On the subject of timing

Matthew Pounsett matt at conundrum.com
Fri Mar 29 19:15:45 UTC 2019

Repeating (with a little more care and hopefully clarity) my point from the
mic the other morning..

Now that we've got a roll under our belts, I think it's time to move to a
condition where the choice of how often to roll the root KSK is mostly a
matter of an operational choice of the Root Zone Partners (noting the
formal meaning of that term).  I would suggest that, as one of the goals of
regular rolls is operational practice, the rate of rotation should not be
too slow; I think what that means, exactly, is up to the RZP, however.

Also keeping in mind that there are, very likely, people in the community
that disagree with me on that subject, the RZP should put the timing of the
next roll out for public comment (as has been done in the past) but after
some sort of rough consensus on the next roll date is reached, make it a
matter of operational choice from that point forward.

With that distraction out of the way of the community at large, we can get
on with the business of figuring out how to do emergency key rolls,
bootstrap old hardware, and solve other problems not covered by 5011.  All
things I shall surely comment on in other threads.
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