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Dear Mirjana,

Thank you for that. Most interesting! Visual-similarity-only cases are taken into account in that list.

During our last meeting I made a case for ignoring visual-similarity-only cases, and just regarding strict (and probably cross-script) homoglyphs as variants: https://community.icann.org/display/croscomlgrprocedure/5+January+2016

That is based on the sentence in Procedure to develop and maintain the Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone in respect of IDNA labels that we discussed some time ago on this list:
p.31 Finally, in investigating the possible variant relations, Generation Panels should ignore cases where the relation is based exclusively on aspects of visual similarity.

Put simply Latin and Cyrillic A may be cross-script variants, Latin and Cyrillic P are not, as the Cyrillic letter has another history (related to R) and phonetic value (/R/).


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Dear collegues,
There were some consideration about confusion between Cyrillic and Armenian script on Cyrillic GP. I am sending the original message and the same document formated with Doulos SIL font.

If you want to see all glyphs properely, you have to install Doulos Sil font. If this font is missing word will substitute it with default font, as it was set on your computer and if default font does not have all unicode code points you will have small squares instead of glyphs.



Best regards

Mirjana Tasic

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Hello all,

Happy New Year and Merry Orthodox Christmas!

I have completed the confusion table for Armenian script with a help of my linguistically educated friend Maksim Rousseau. It is attached.

Many thanks to Yuri for providing the original source of the Armenian tables for search cross-script confusion and potential  homoglyph variants “Cyrillic-Armenian“.

SY, Dmitry Belyavsky

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