[Latingp] Correcton of mistakes: Your answer to one question is needed until 18th of February

Michael Bauland michael.bauland at knipp.de
Thu Feb 16 09:03:38 UTC 2017

Dear Mirjana,

thank you for your efforts. I've got two questions/comments:

I'm not sure how you got to the average of 20 min per language. From my 
point of view this seems to be too optimistic. If there are just a few 
characters needing special treatment (e.g., finding out in which context 
they may occur) 20 min will not be enough by far. I would prefer to have 
a slightly more pessimistic view. Otherwise we might be running behind 
schedule too easily.

> Could you devote 4 hours in next six months for attestation of Latin 
> code points?
What do you mean with 4 hours in six months? Is that 4 hours per week 
during the next six months? Then I'm sorry to say that I will not be 
able to provide that much time for the group. If it's 4 hours per 
fortnight (including the phone calls), then this might just be possible 
for most weeks (but due to holidays and internal project deadlines not 
on average for the whole duration).

Best regards,

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