[Latingp] Mapping of non-valid characters to valid

Mats Dufberg mats.dufberg at iis.se
Mon Nov 12 12:36:09 UTC 2018

No, "℡" is not even PVALID, so it has no place in the variant rules. But the user does not necessarily starts with a string of only PVALID code points. I might enter that string into a web browser that has implemented the ideas of RFC 5895 (see "2.  The General Procedure") and does compatibility mapping, in this case, from "℡" to "t" + "e" + "l".

I do not feel that the TEL-mapping causes any problem, but it I think it emphasizes the complexity of mapping that does not necessarily starts with an IDNA2008 PVALID code point. I feel that the RFC supports Bill's view that capital letters should be considered.



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    Hi Mats,
    On 12.11.2018 11:00, Mats Dufberg wrote:
    > Is edent.℡a valid domain? And norid.№? Well, both https://www.norid.№/
    > <https://www.norid.%E2%84%96/> and https://edent.℡/
    > <https://edent.%E2%84%A1/> work in the browser.
    this is really interesting. I didn't know this works. Nice to know, as I
    personally also use a .℡ domain.
    I don't think that we should incorporate this in our variant
    considerations, though. After all, we only look at normalised versions.
    I think the argument is similar to upper case characters. We don't look
    at TEL or TeL oder similar, and that's why from my point of view we also
    shouldn't look at ℡.
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