[Latingp] ACTION NEEDED: For IP: 2018-09-10 version of the Proposal for Latin script LGR

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Sorry for only being able to go through the document now.
But since Mirjana already sent the document, here my notes for the reference.
·         The 3 code points which were not added to MSR-3   (01C0, 01C1, 01C2) are included  twice with the same content. (Section 5.4  & 5.5.3).  Isn’t  it enough to have them only in one of them?
·         Minor color formatting:  (P.21   0177) the Glyph’s color is different from all other, and different blue tones for hyperlinks throughout the whole document.
Hazem Hezzah
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on page 6 we write "Languages are restricted to natural human languages", but what about Esperanto? It's not a natural language, is it? I think it is a artificial, constructed language. Should we maybe remove the word "natural"? Or should we change it to something like:
"Languages are restricted to natural human languages in active use plus the widely used universal language Esperanto."
We sometimes write MSR-2 and MSR-3, and sometimes MSR2 and MSR3. Not a big issue, but we should only use one of them (should be easily fixed by the search and replace functionality).
Esperanto has no number in Appendix A. I guess it should be 102 and all following languages should be changed to +1.
Some smaller changes I already applied in the attached version:
p5: I changed the colours to better match the colours of the map
p6: Some minor edits (added articles; changed definition to defining)
p36: Added an 's': sequence of code pointS
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