[Neobrahmigp] [lgr] Possible IP participation at the TF-AIDN meeting in Istanbul

Asmus Freytag asmusf at ix.netcom.com
Thu May 22 05:29:36 UTC 2014

Dear Sarmad,

ICANN staff has forwarded a request sent by you on behalf of TF-AIDN for 
interaction with the Integration Panel at the upcoming TF-AIDN meeting 
at Istanbul.

We have discussed this among the Integration Panel members and with 
staff and we do not quite know how best to respond to this request.

For one, some of our members are absent this week and not reachable for 
discussion. Others are not available during the dates of your meeting. 
The Integration Panel also has its own F2F meeting scheduled the weekend 
before in Los Angeles, making for rather difficult travel schedule even 
for those members who would otherwise be available.

Your request mentioned that TF-AIDN felt that expertise in "Arabic and 
DNS" would be useful, but the material forwarded to us by staff did not 
contain any further specifics on the issues to be covered or the 
objectives that you would like to achieve by such a meeting.

By its nature, the expert members of the Integration Panel were selected 
to have expertise that is broadly applicable across all scripts; as is 
commensurate with the role of panel in integrating the many LGRs 
produced by local Generation Panels, whose members encompass individuals 
with strong linguistic background and expertise in the subject script.

For specific Arabic expertise, we can recommend Tom Milo as advisor. The 
integration panel has used him as advisor on Arabic matters; his 
expertise as designer of Arabic typesetting and font technology, we 
found, gives him a uniquely valuable perspective. (If he were to attend 
it would be as advisor to the GP and not as representative of the IP.)

As for DNS expertise, it would help us if we could better understand the 
likely concerns and issues you expect to resolve in the session.


Asmus Freytag

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