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the Integration Panel recently discussed how best to use this list for 
project-wide communication. This was partially a follow-up on some of 
the discussions with GPs during the Singapore meeting. The general idea 
is to to try to use as few lists as possible and to use a publicly 
archived list for as much of the inter-panel and project-wide 
communcations as possible - so as to increase transparency of the project.

If the mail traffic should become so large, that it needs to be managed, 
we can discuss alternate strategies when we know better what will be needed.

There is one issue that's worth addressing up front and that has to do 
with whether a posting formally captures a decision or act by a Panel, 
or whether it's a more informal level of contribution to the discussion. 
I suspect that the minority of contributions will be "formal" 
statements, so a reasonable policy would be to require that those are 
explicitly identified as such. The presumption will then be that /*all 
other* /postings have not been reviewed and formally approved by the 
membership of the respective panel.

For example, while this particular message, arose out of a discussion 
during an IP phone meeting, it would be a stretch to say that it 
represents a formal decision of or request by the Integration Panel. 
Therefore, under the proposed convention I would not identify it as 
such. From the contents, you may, of course, infer that I believe that 
others share my position, so that in my view that on the whole this is 
something more than just a personal proposal.

This does leave a bit of a gray zone, but I think that we have to deal 
with gray zones anyway everyday, so as long as the formal decisions and 
actions of any panel are clearly and explicitly identified, we escape 
having to disclaim every other communication, which should simplify 
things enormously.


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