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Tue Jul 31 21:44:03 UTC 2012

Poor dear ICANN, how this community must wear you out with all the
ever-so-clever debating on all possible detail. Elisa Cooper from Mark
Monitor wrote a great blog post yesterday recommending there is no need for
any batching or metered process. I would agree. As the uncontested are
first, the simple process of negotiating contracts will act as the natural
metering process. People all act at their own pace and some businesses are
not treating their new gTLD as their primary daily focus. 

That process would, however, require you to do a random ordering of the
uncontested group - and have them sign a waiver that by accepting their spot
in the queue to negotiate contracts, they waive their right to object in any
way later. Then you have no whining that a TLD failed because it was put too
far back in the queue. And delegation happens in the order of the signed

I am a neutral bystander without any applications associated with our
business, but very supportive of the ENORMOUS program the new gTLDs is
proving to be, and indeed, how ICANN is handling it so far. 

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