Lack of a publication URL in input request announcement

Werner Staub werner at
Tue Jul 31 07:44:01 UTC 2012

Dear New gTLD Team,

The announcement inviting public input does not mention the publication.
It should contain a URL where the input will be posted, as in a public
comment phase.

This is a basic requirement for transparency and accountability.
Secretive interactions with the public are better than none, but still
violate ICANN's principles and its very purpose.

Apart from principles, there are many practical reasons to announce that
input will be published immediately upon receipt:

- Avoid the suspicion that someone might be filtering or distorting

- Ideas submitted by one commentator enable others to
   elaborate, improve or correct.

- Commentators can be on record officially.

Please update the announcement by adding the publication URL.

Yours truly,

Werner Staub

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