[Newgtld-input] Comments for processing new gTLD applications

Markus Ståhlberg markus.stahlberg at phenomena.com
Thu Aug 2 11:46:01 UTC 2012

Dear Sirs,

On behalf of Phenomena Group (Applicant of the new gTLD .PROMO), I would like to submit the following comments as suggestions to the questions posed:

We propose that ICANN should implement the following measures to hasten the evaluation of applications and to support a single batch (in order of importance):

1. Consolidating applications which use the same back end registry services provider: the 1930 applicants shared just 40 registry service providers. It is unnecessary to evaluate all applications in great detail if their technical plans are identical.

2. Allowing each applicant to submit one application to go forward first (with the owners of multiple applications through different bodies being restricted to just one with everyone else)

3. Removing from the batch all applications in contention – so there is some urgency in publishing String Contention sets.

4. Allowing applicants who are happy to wait to opt out and to be processed alongside those in Contention Sets

5. Consolidating applications by type: it will be easier for the evaluators to focus, for example, on a sub-set of applications such as all city or closed brand registries etc.

6. Giving a financial incentive to those who are prepared to wait: eg. A refund of $25k

I hope these comments help ICANN in making sure the given schedule can be kept.

I would kindly request a confirmation of receipt of this message.

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind Regards,
Markus Stahlberg

Markus Ståhlberg
Group Managing Director
markus.stahlberg at phenomena.com
GSM +358 40 565 1099

Phenomena Group Ltd.
The Shopper Marketing Company 


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