[Newgtld-input] A simple and fair method for metering

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Aug 15 08:39:51 UTC 2012


I wish to offer the following relatively simple method/algorithm for metering. 

- After initial evaluation is competed for all applicants, all successful applicants are grouped, in the sense of hash code chunking, according to the birth day-of-year of the primary applicant (1-367; i.e. including Feb 29).  That means there will be an ordering of the applications into 367 different groups. Those born Jan1 get into the root first, those on Dec 31 last.  (An alternate ordering would be that that the day the announcement is made on the full set of initial evaluation represents the first to be processed and then continue, coming back to day 1 after day 367.)  As this is information that is already set and already in the application, there is no chance, drawing or process used other than information ICANN already has.  Also no one had an opportunity to set their birth day-of-year so as to gain undue advantage.

- as each extended evaluation, community priority or objection processed applicant is successful, they are added to the group corresponding to their birth day-of-year. 

- Modulo the initial day-of-year based group, if Jan 1 is not used as the initial point in the ordering, the ready applications in the earliest group are put into the root.

- If a second ordering is required within a group because there are too many in one day-of-year based group for a smooth process, the year of birth is used to order the group - oldest primary applicant gets their TLD into the root before others in the group.

The second and third rules in this process are meant to keep those applications who have to got through extended evaluation, community priority or objection processing and who are successful from having to wait until the end of the process.  Especially in the case of community priority evaluations, to force communities to wait until all others have already been deployed is unfair.

Note: there are possibly other numbers that are part of the application and its meta-data that could be used in a similar hashing process if day-of-year is somehow problematic.  Te most important elements are that it be a fair process that does not penalize applicants for a requirements for further processing.


Avri Doria
submitted as an individual contributor to the process

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