[Newgtld-input] Input: Processing of New gTLD Applications

Sarah Falvey sarahfalvey at google.com
Sun Aug 19 19:37:22 UTC 2012

*Dear Sir/Madam: Attached please find formal comment to ICANN's request for
input in the processing of new gTLD applications.  In this letter, we
propose a new approach to the rate and sequence at which batches are
processed through evaluation and delegation.  We are not asking that ICANN
re-examine the policies underlying the batching process. The concept of
progressively evaluating applications is a policy issue upon which the
community debated and agreed.  Rather, what we are proposing is a metering
mechanism to ensure the most efficient path through the process as
possible. Although
laid out in more detail in the attached letter, a brief summary of our
proposal follows:

   - Rather than processing applications in large batches, ICANN should
   treat applications individually and move them to the next stage of the
   evaluation and delegation process as soon as is feasible.
   - Due to various bottlenecks in the process, applications will need to
   be sequenced.  We propose an approach of promoting a diversity of
   application types by dividing the application pool into “buckets”,
   reflecting various types of applications, using an arbitrary (but not
   random) mechanism to sequence applications within each bucket, and creating
   an initial global sequence of applications by round-robining through the
   series of buckets.
   - Because the arbitrary approach to sequencing may not always result in
   the most efficient allocation of priorities, we propose that applicants may
   swap slots in the overall sequence by mutual consent.
   - We believe it should still be possible for ICANN to begin delegating
   new gTLDs into the root in the first quarter of 2013, and that it is
   important for both applicants and the credibility of the program that ICANN
   does so.


Caspar von Veltheim
Bayern Connect, application for .bayer

Jacob Malthouse
Big Room, applicant for .eco

Neal Freeman
Celebrate Broadway, applicant for .broadway

Sarah Falvey
Charleston Road Registry Inc., applicant for .google and others

Carolin Silbernagl
dotHIV gemeinnuetziger e.V., applicant for .hiv

Tim Johnson
Dot Kiwi Limited, applicant for .kiwi

Mark Dranse
GCCIX WLL, applicant for .gcc

Rami Schwartz
Latin American Telecom, applicant for .tube

Julie Chappell
London & Partners, applicant for .london

Rob Hall
Momentous Corp., applicant for .design and others

Robert Bolchoz
Republican State Leadership Committee, applicant for .gop

Gil Hoover,
Shubert Organization Inc., applicant for .tickets

Antony Van Couvering
Top Level Domain Holdings Limited, applicant for .abogado and others

James Seng
Zodiac Holdings Limited, applicant for .商城 and others*
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