[Newgtld-input] Zodiac Comment on Metering

Alan Tan tanyaling at zodiac-corp.com
Sun Aug 19 03:44:43 UTC 2012


Answer: Zodiac supports the metering should be applied due to the
conflict between the number of applications and the capability of
ICANN to process the applications. However, Zodiac don't think it's
necessary to tie all applications together since different timeframe
is needed for different applications. Zodiac would like to propose a
prioritization order for applications to begin the next step after
announcing the initial evaluation results. Once the initial processing
order is determined, nature course will sooner or later lead the
applications to its final delegation.

To ensure the applications being processed in a fair and equitable
manner, prioritization of the applications must have to be considered.
As have been discussed by the community, Zodiac supports that the
prioritization be given to applications from the developing countries
and IDN applications, then community-based applications, geographical
names applications and other standard application. the applications
with extended evaluation or contention will have to finish up their
respective issues before entering into the transition to delegation
stage. At any given time, applications which need metering will be
addressed in line with this principle so that the fairness and equity
been kept all the time.

The reasoning for picking up this order of prioritization is because
the mission of ICANN is to bolster the development of Internet of the
world and to boost the competition in the domain name market. And
given the fact that legacy TLDs and the first two rounds of gTLD
expansions have all benefited ASCII TLDs and developed countries. In
this third round, Zodiac think that ICANN should use the proposed
prioritization order to help other countries and other languages.


Answer: please refer to the abovementioned principles.


Zodiac has applied for multiple applications, including several
Chinese IDN strings and ASCII strings. Hence Zodiac is totally aware
of the effect of the approach will have on its applications.

As an applicant deeply rooted in Asia, Zodiac has seen the Internet
users in the region have been served properly in terms of the usage of
the domain names in their own languages. As an IDN expert, the founder
of Zodiac, Mr. James Seng have been devoted in the IDN technology and
its adoption of IDN for over a decade. After ten years of waiting and
two rounds of missed opportunity for IDNs in the ICANN community,
Zodiac strongly believes that it is high time IDN be given the
priority to go ahead in the round and Zodiac would like to propose
abovementioned approach to process for the sake of the IDN and its
missed decade.

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